Festivals and Events

Putting on a good party is what the Spanish do best. Even the smallest, sleepiest village comes to vigorous life within seconds of someone shouting ‘Fiesta!!’ Exact festival dates vary slightly year to year, so please check local press before you go, but if you want to see the best of the local culture and people, the below list is a great starting point for events in Moraira and nearby Teulada. Given dates are for 2014.

January 5 or 6 - Three Kings Festival
On the 12th day of Christmas, Spain celebrates 'dia des Rois', the day that the Three Kings arrived in Bethlehem and presented the baby Jesus with their gifts. An early evening procession through the streets of Moraira is followed by the distribution of presents to the children. A similar celebration is held in Teulada, 15 minutes' drive away.
Nearest weekend to the beginning of lent - Moraira Carnival!
Expect mayhem, expect to be covered in flour, expect dancing in the streets in costumes and expect the curious 'funeral of the sardine'. You have been warned.
Holy week (week leading up to Easter Sunday) - various events
Maundy Thursday - Silent procession in Moraira at 11pm
Good Friday - Procession of the Holy Burial in Teulada at 7.30pm
Easter Sunday Procession in Moraira at 8.30am
Week after Easter Sunday - Teulada Town Festival
This festival celebrates the patron saint of Teulada, San Vicente Ferrer. It'll be standard fiesta fare - parties, live music, food, processions and lots and lots of beer.
April - Bull running in Teulada
We recommend watching from a safe distance.
May bank holiday - Vive Teulada Moraira festival Trade and Gastronomical fair (Teulada)
pretty self-explanatory! Food. Drink. Good times.
9-15 June - Moors and Christians Festival (Moraira)
Many towns in the region reenact and celebrate the victory of the Christians over the Moors in their own way. In Moraira, this takes the form of a beach landing at night, a reenacted attack on the castle, a flower-offering, some gunfire and a Sunday evening gala procession.
Summer Solstice - Bonfires in honour of San Jua (Teulada and Moraira)
A combination of pagan and christian tradition on the main beach (L'Ampolla) in Moraira; while theoretically in celebration of St John the Baptist, rituals include leaping over the fire embers, bathing in the sea at midnight to cleanse body and spirit, and learn the secrets of traditional rememdies. There's also dinner on the beach, children's entertainment and other celebrations in Town Hall Square in Teulada.
4-9 July - Fiestas of Font Santa (Moraira)
Legend has it that Moraira's patron saint (San Vicente Ferrer), achieved one of his miracles just outside Moraira. Weak with thirst on a journey from Alicante to Valencia, he struck a rock with his stick and out poured fresh water. The ensuing fountain survives, and a chapel has been built. You can find the rock and the fiesta by searching for the adjoining Go-Kart track of the same name: Font Santa.
15-16 July - Fiestas of Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados and Virgen del Carmen (Moraira)
On the 16th, a procession led with the statue of the virgin parades around the town and then to the sea to bless the local fisherman. Auxillery celebrations include a firework display, an open-air disco and a bull run into the sea.
23-29 July - Fiestas of Benimarco (another town nearby)
Fireworks, live music and bull running
25 July - 1 August - Fiesta of Els Sants de la Pedra (Teulada)
On Calle Calvo Sotelo in Teulada. General revelry, food, and more bull running.
7-10 August - Medieval Fiesta and Market (Teulada)
Teulada takes on a historic atmosphere as the streets fill will theatre and stalls selling traditional crafts and produce.
End of August - Moscatel festival in Teulada
Avenida las Palmas becomes a pleasant gauntlet of grape and Mistela wine tasting for this celebration of the end of the grape harvest. On one evening, the Plaza de la Ermita de San Vicente Ferrer plays host to a procession, music, dancing and, surprise, lots and lots of Mistela.
Second weekend in September - Divina Pastora (Teulada)
Music, dancing and general revelry.
Third weekend in November - Festival of Santa Cecilia in Teulada
The patron saint of music is celebrated in fine Spanish style: parades - tick, live music - tick, drinking? Of course there's drinking.
21-23 November - Teulada Fiesta of Santa Catalina
Procession, cultural activites. You know the drill!
Dates tbc - Teulada Christmas Market
Typical Christmas products in Town Hall Square.

For Concerts: Auditorio Teulada Moraira Calle Orba, Teulada The concert hall season runs from autumn to spring, and like many provincial venues, programming varies widely from opera to childrens' shows, to tribute acts and folk music. Check the website above to find out what's on.


To check festival details and for other events, check the Costa Blanca News or ´The Entertainer´ newspapers, both published on Fridays.