Moraira and the local area

The villa is located in Moraira, a relaxed, family orientated seaside resort on the Costa Blanca. Moraira is popular with expats and English is widely spoken. While we are a good half hour from the hustle and bustle of Benidorm, we benefit from its popularity by way of plentiful daily cheap flights into Alicante from all over Europe, a comfortable fast motorway and plenty of things to do. As well as being an excellent place to just relax in the sunshine, Moraira and the Costa Blanca offer great opportunities to indulge your outdoor hobby, be it walking, sailing, scuba diving, painting, windsurfing, golfing...the list is long! Below is a non-exhaustive list of places of interest in the local area for inspiration. Please also browse our Google map, showing many of these places of interest in situ.
We really love Moraira, but don't take our word for it - see for yourself!
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Interactive Map

We have created an interactive map showing places of interest and local amenities in Moraira. Please zoom in, browse within and around the town, and click on either the name of an attraction on the left-hand side to see its location, or double-click an icon on the map to see a description and more information. At the top-right of the map you can click to see a full-screen version to make it easier to browse.